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Michael Bonfils (Founder And CEO Of SEM International)


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Michael Bonfils is the Founder and CEO of SEM International, an award-winning global agency with 32 network offices worldwide. Specializing in multilingual digital marketing, they support global advertising agencies and multinational corporations with their international Digital marketing needs from PPC, SEO, Social Media, eCommerce, Content, and localization services.

“If your site lags, it’s not going to get a satisfying arrival rate.”

“The advertising-based keywords that are very competitive can dominate the page so you can’t really tell when organic starts unless you pay attention to the marking indicating that it is a paid ad.”

“Load speed is a major factor for mobile as well as mobile-friendly websites.”

“So having good site speed, having relevant content, these are things that are going to do the trick in terms of SEO and these markets.”

“Google is naturally going to favor local companies over multinationals, so BE LOCAL, ACT LOCAL.”

“The most important signal any company can do is to tell Google you are a local company and if at all possible, put a local address and currency on the site too as well as get local backlinks.”

“Many site owners don’t have the money or time to invest in independent international websites. In that case, setting certain canonicals, and tags and changing their WMT will help.”

“Find out who your customers are, and get to know them from a psychographic behavior.”

“Focus on your customer and when you develop content, especially around SEO, focus on that one customer.”

“Understanding your target audience is essential to creating effective content.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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