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Mike King (International Award-winning Marketing Thought Leader)


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The Founder and Managing Director of iPullRank, Michael King (aka @iPullRank on Twitter), has an extensive background in software, web development, and a proclivity for creative solutions. That experience has afforded him a track record of successfully coordinating the efforts of Creative, Strategy, Technical, and Paid Media Teams to achieve synergistic solutions in harmony with long-term client campaign goals for several Fortune 500 brands.

“If you rank highly for keywords but aren’t fulfilling the needs of people searching for them, you just put a ton of effort into exactly the wrong thing. It’s not about the keywords; it’s about the people searching for them.”

“Regardless of the hundreds of strategies, tactics and tools that are being born for link building daily, every successful link building campaign boils down to making news and/or making friends.”

“Web technologies and their adoption are advancing at a frenetic pace. “

“One of Google’s largest points of emphasis is page speed. An understanding of how networking impacts page speed is definitely a must-have to be an effective SEO.”

“Content is a game that every type of team and agency plays, so we’re all competing for a piece of that pie. “

“Technical SEO is more complicated and more important than ever before and much of the SEO discussion has shied away from its growing technical components in favour of content marketing.”

“A number of thought leaders have made statements that modern SEO is not technical. These statements misrepresent the opportunities and problems that have sprouted on the backs of newer technologies.”

“JavaScript is obviously here to stay. Most of the web is using it to render content in some form or another. This means there’s potential for search quality to plummet over time if Google couldn’t make sense of what content is on pages rendered with JavaScript.”

“SEO must adopt and adapt in order to be taken seriously and command the type of influence required to drive change. As it stands, SEO looks to disrupt the symphony (or cacophony) that is a brand’s marketing mix. “

“As much as I hate to say it, the reality of SEO is that it disrupts much of digital planning even when it’s included from the onset.”

“To do effective SEO now, at the very least, you have to be a digital strategist, social media marketer, content strategist, conversion rate optimizer, and PR specialist.”

“You’ve got to find the time and the mental space to take care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and monetarily.”

“Make time for exercise. Play basketball. Buy a bicycle. Continue therapy. Learn to cook. Aggressively save money. Learn the stock market. Hit up the sensory deprivation chamber. Go to South Beach bi-monthly.”

“People don’t like to be forced into something. When there are big demands, sit down with teams or people individually and get their buy-in or feedback before making a decision. This is the difference between things happening and not happening.”

“There are people sending rockets to space and landing them on floating platforms in the ocean — for reuse. You just want people to update the project management tool and think critically about the work they’re doing rather than just going through the motions.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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