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Myles Anderson (CEO Of BrightLocal.com)

CEO of BrightLocal.com

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Myles Anderson is the Founder & CEO of BrightLocal.com. BrightLocal provides a unique & specialised set of local SEO tools for SEO Agencies, Consultants and & local business owners. BrightLocal conduct regular surveys & studies into local search & the local search industry and the findings are publicly available on their blog.

“Selling effectively isn’t rocket science. But it does take practice and understanding to get really good at it.”

“Search marketing moves at a rapid pace, and most busy SMBs struggle to keep up. But you can help educate them on the changes, best practices, bad practices and what channels work best in your experience working with other clients.”

“A good reputation is vital to the long-term success of every business, including freelance SEOs and agencies.”

“If you want to be in this business long-term, you should do everything you can to avoid being trapped in a low-cost, high-volume selling cycle. It’s long hours for little reward, and it will burn you out.”

“I think an important quality of a good SEO is someone who can think like an expert but talk like a layman.”

“The Internet is all about information. Websites contain information; directories curate information; Google filters information; mobile applications use information.”

“Having a good reputation is as old as time and having a bad online review, which can be seen by thousands of people, thousands of potential customers, is again very irking and frustrating for local business owners.”

“Adopting a more diverse SEO strategy can bring greater and longer-lasting rewards. “

“Most local business websites are static, unchanging and poorly optimized. It’s painful to admit, but it’s true. “

“Unique and fresh content is one of the key building blocks for good SEO and it’s essential that local business owners understand the power of good content and have a clear and easy-to-implement content strategy.”

“Another cast-iron certainty is that social media will impact search rankings more and more in future.”

“It’s a cardinal sin for a local business to provide a great service and then fail to get their customers talking about it. It doesn’t take a lot to ask a happy customer to leave a review for you on a directory which you direct them to.”

“As any good SEO knows, getting your SEO right takes time, effort and know-how. It’s a long-term play and focusing on easy, quick-win strategies will only ever get you so far and leave you prone to Google’s whim.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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