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Nicky Kriel (International Digital Marketing Speaker)


TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

Nicky Kriel is a Social Media Coach, Trainer, and Consultant. She is passionate about inspiring, educating, and empowering business owners to use Social Media to grow their businesses. She uses her background in corporate marketing to help companies integrate social media into their own marketing and business strategies.

“Social Media platforms are becoming more image-centric which means people are more likely to notice your blog in the first place if it has a picture.”

“Breaking up your text with pictures, subheadings, and bullet points will make your blog post easier to read.”

“You need content to attract the right customer.”

“You don’t have to produce all of your own content to show thought leadership or to build relationships with prospective customers.”

“Share content that your ideal customer would find useful—whether it is yours or other people’s content.”

“Share content that shows you are an expert in your field—such as useful tips or the latest industry news.”

“Put a good system in place for your content marketing so that you can plan, generate ideas, repurpose, curate, and schedule easily.”

“Assuming you have already identified key people, connecting on Twitter is not difficult.”

“Listening is an underdeveloped skill for most people in everyday life.”

“Good conversationalists tend to be good listeners. Learning how to listen online, gives you a great advantage over your competitors.”

“When you listen first to what people are saying and talk about what they want to talk about, you build up better relationships.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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