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Phil Rozek (Founder At Local Visibility System)

Founder At Local Visibility System

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Philip runs Local Visibility systems. A company focused on helping businesses amplify their local search. Philip is a local SEO expert. He has been doing it for several years and has built a solid reputation. Philip has worked with all types of local businesses over the years. He is systematic in his work and honest with his pricing and advice.

“There are many ways to screw up your rankings during or after a migration. Wiping out content, title tags, and URLs are chief among them.”

“Your business’s local visibility depends on the ranking factors tilted in your favour, but you can’t get more factors tilted in your favour without systems that help you learn as you go.”

“Any work on the site or on backlinks can help multiple locations, particularly if you have multiple GBP / GMB pages that all point to the same website domain.”

“As long as non-Google sites like Yelp, YP, BBB, and so on have all the info you want and none of the info you don’t, you don’t benefit from claiming those listings.”

“Your citations do not need to be perfect. It’s that simple.”

“Most high-performing sites have a mishmash of backlinks, and some invisible sites do, too. “

“If blogging is the only way you generate traffic, then of course slowing down on it will mean less traffic.”

“If you add in a ton of keywords that you’ve done no other work to rank for, and you expect that one change to help you rank for all those terms, then you’ll come up short more often than not. ” 

“If your competitors don’t have greased-lightning sites, and especially given that Amazon and Google themselves have less-than-perfect load times, you need to grade yourself on a curve. “

“If Googlebot can’t index what’s on your site, that’s a problem.  If your site returns server errors that make your site inaccessible for more than a couple of days, that’s also a problem.”

“If you monitor your competitors closely, see what their Google review counts are. If theirs are noticeably lower, too, then it’s less likely Google has a big problem with whatever you or your customers are doing. “

“Diversify where you get reviews – as in not just on Google Maps. Not only is it wise to hedge in case Google filters your reviews or suspends your GBP page, but it’s also possible that Google factors in where else you’ve got reviews to determine whether your Google reviews are kosher.”

“Some of your local visibility struggles are caused by Google, some are your competitors’ handiwork, and some are due to you or your crew.  Much of the time, that last category of mistake is easy to avoid by taking a prepper approach.”

“Local SEO is hard enough without self-inflicted wounds.  Some of those wounds may be strategy decisions that didn’t work out as you hoped.  Others are less interesting and more mechanical”

“Your local SEO effort will work out better or go more smoothly if you keep track of certain pieces of information and keep them close at hand.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

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