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Radomir Basta (CEO And Lead SEO Strategist At Four Dots)

CEO and co-founder at @theFourDots

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Radomir Basta is CEO and lead SEO strategist at Four Dots, a digital marketing agency specializing in advanced inbound marketing solutions. He is also a lecturer for SEO and analytics modules at Digital Marketing Institute in Belgrade. His hobby is learning about growth hacking for startups and SMB’s.

“Guest posting is still the best seo solution for increased brand awareness and well-targeted backlinks. Just focus on websites with a relevant audience and you’ll be fine.”

“People sometimes just optimize their website on the surface, but fail to dig deeper and minify code, optimize the server, relocate javascript to the footer, remove unnecessary tracking scripts nobody is using and so on.”

“The best thing about reporting today is that this is now a process that can easily become automated. With the right tools, you can cut out the entire manual workload by almost 90%.”

“Creating landing pages for all relevant topics with traffic potential should improve the website’s keyword reach, and rank it for new and potentially better-converting keyword variations that vary across markets, locations, language and cultural barriers, professional occupancies or topical savviness.”

“One of the first steps in ensuring that your website follows basic SEO best practices is to create a sitemap. Having this file can increase the indexability of your website and reduce the time needed for getting your new content in search engine results.”

“The first step to improving the success rate of your marketing reporting is to reach out to clients and actually agree on the KPIs you’re going to track for them.”

“You need to monitor all of your activities in real-time and test what’s working and what’s not so you don’t fall behind.”

“It’s of great importance to mention that investing in the right software could significantly improve your success rate in this department. The main reason why most agencies don’t do weekly reporting is that they believe this type of structure tends to eat up a lot of their time.”

“Smart agencies invest in reporting software that helps them easily collect and display data in a manner that is instantly appealing to the clients. For them, the days of wasting great amounts of time on opening multiple sources and copy-pasting all the insights into nicely designed documents are a thing of the past.”

“If companies want to keep their talent, they can’t just feed them bonuses. They need to rethink their structure and operational processes. It’s important to keep your most qualified workers constantly stimulated and engaged at work. “

“By implementing a productivity-first mindset and eliminating unnecessary meetings, long lunch breaks and giving your employees the time to live their lives outside the office, you could turn your agency’s efficiency around.”

“All reasonable employees want the same thing: to do their job, without being constantly distracted or interrupted.”

“If you, as a business owner, can help your team accomplish the same amount of work with far less effort or in far less time, you’ll eliminate a lot of stress from your office, and thus significantly influence your overall employee satisfaction with your brand and business.”

“Be sure to analyze your entire structure and eliminate every toxic segment or situation from the equation. Even the smallest of changes can ignite your team’s productivity and make people fall in love with your corporate culture over and over again.”

“The ability of Google’s algorithms to extrapolate data from human speech and other implicit signals in order to understand a user’s intent behind a search query has given birth to an entirely new era of web content creation.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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