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Rand Fishkin (CEO Of SparkToro)


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Rand Fishkin is the co-founder and CEO of SparkToro, a company that creates excellent audience research software. Through his writing, videos, speaking, and his book, Lost and Founder, he has dedicated his professional life to assisting others in improving their marketing.

“The content you share with the world needs to offer a distinct benefit, otherwise no one will care.”

“Social is the way our work gets discovered. Content that is truly exceptional, unique, and useful can earn tremendous awareness through social media, and that social amplification often leads to great links, which leads to great rankings.”

“Don’t build links. Build relationships.”

“Anything you do that improves the user experience and happiness of people who are looking at your page helps you long term in Google.”

“Making your website rank on Google amidst the tough competition is no easy task. But, when done the right way, you’ll lead the SEO game in no time. So, learn from the above SEO experts and work your way to your best SEO strategy!”

“The trend of design toward simplicity and accessibility in software happened for a reason—simple sells, simple’s usable and simple scales”

“I have never seen and never worked with a large site where improving crawl bandwidth didn’t  mean significant increases in organic search traffic”

“Calling your product, your brand, your series, your content a keyword phrase plus the brand name that you’ve got or the brand name plus a keyword phrase is truly highly effective”

“SEO folks…need to be involved with the branding and the product design and development folks, so that you make sure you’re taking advantage of what people call your products before they go to market”

“There’s a ton that SEOs can do to optimize and nudge and create intelligent, non-manipulative ways of earning links”

“Three things on these nudges for embeds, calculators, outreach, any of these things, you’ve got to keep that text natural, authentic, and honest. It has to be real. It can’t feel spammy and manipulative.”

“You’ve got to be using at the very least something like Google Suggest. I love the tool SEMrush. I love keywordtool.io. I think those are both excellent.”

“If formal usability testing is too expensive, and for most small and medium sizes businesses it really is, try these three apps: Silverbackapp.comFeedbackArmy.com, and UserTesting.com

“The first few people who are commenting on your blog, go check them out if they’ve left an email address or a Twitter profile, or they’ve connected to their Disqus profile… whatever kind of commenting system you’ve got, make sure that you are going and figuring them out and at least at the very least, sending them a thank you over email or over Twitter”

“Branded search is very important, because when people perform branded queries …you want to make sure you show up correctly in the search engines”

“Make sure SEO isn’t your only inbound traffic channel, and it’s not the only inbound marketing effort that you’re working on”

“If you have an older page, it can be very wise to retire that content in favour of something newer and fresher”

“Guest blogging, guest posting, in that classic SEO for a link fashion, is not a great idea. But it can still be a great channel to earn brand awareness and attention”

“leverage your network to help attract those links, shares, traffic, endorsements, etc”

“Classic competitive link building is still just as valuable as it ever has been and not just for SEO, but for the traffic, you can earn”

“Take content which is largely duplicative and apply aggregation, visualization, or modifications to that duplicate content in order to build something unique and valuable and new that can rank well”

SEO is powerful precisely because it’s hard to predict and hard to measure.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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