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Rank And Rent Heat Map Prospecting For Landscapers

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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, prospecting for potential clients stands as a pivotal step towards expanding your business. The ability to identify and engage with promising prospects can significantly impact your success. In this endeavor, Lead Snap’s heat map feature emerges as a powerful tool that can revolutionize your prospecting efforts. This article aims to delve into the intricacies of leveraging this feature effectively, enabling you to pinpoint prospects and unearth invaluable insights that can propel your business forward. To illustrate the practical application of this tool, we will specifically explore the realm of landscaping prospects in the vibrant city of Detroit.

Lead Snap’s Heat Map Feature

Lead Snap is a platform that offers various features to assist digital marketers in their lead-generation efforts. The heat map feature stands out as a powerful tool for prospecting. By leveraging the heat map, marketers can gain valuable insights into the rankings and performance of Google business profiles in a specific area.

Utilizing The Heat Map For Prospecting

To begin using the heat map feature, log into your Lead Snap account and navigate to the GMB (Google My Business) heat map section. Once there, open a Google search window and choose a niche and location to focus on. For our example, let’s consider “Landscaping Detroit.”

Analyzing The Results:

Upon conducting the search, a map pack and relevant players will be displayed. While these initial results provide a basic understanding, they do not offer comprehensive information about the competitors’ power and performance. To gain deeper insights, select a foundational Google business profile from the list.

Extracting The Map URL

Once a Google business profile is chosen, click on it to open a window with various options. Click on the “Share” button and copy the link provided. This URL is what we refer to as the map URL, which is essential for conducting further analysis using Lead Snap’s heat map feature.

Running The Heat Map Search

Now, open another browser window and paste the copied map URL. Let it resolve, and then copy the resulting URL. This step ensures that we have the correct map URL for the subsequent heat map search. It’s important to note that if you already have Google My Business profiles connected to Lead Snap through an API, you can directly use the map URL.

Defining The Grid

To generate an effective heat map, it is recommended to establish a 13 by 13 grid with one mile between each point. This grid configuration ensures comprehensive coverage of the geographical area of interest. However, it is also possible to adjust the grid according to specific search requirements, such as avoiding certain geographical obstacles or expanding the search area.

Starting The Heat Map Search

With the grid parameters set, it’s time to initiate the heat map search. Click on “Start Heat Map,” and Lead Snap will begin running searches on each point in the grid. Thanks to the platform’s efficiency, the map will rapidly fill in with the search results, providing a comprehensive overview of rankings and data for each point.

Interpreting The Results

As the heat map fills in, you will gain valuable insights into the performance of the chosen Google business profile and its competitors. In our example, we can observe that the selected profile does not rank stellarly but holds significant opportunity due to its proximity to the map pack and multiple points on the grid. This presents a prime opportunity for prospecting, especially if you offer SEO services.

Identifying Prospects

Analyzing the heat map results allows you to identify prospects effectively. By clicking on specific points in the grid, you can see the rankings and competition for each location. This information provides a list of prospects to target. Focus on businesses that fall in the middle range, as they demonstrate potential for growth and improvement. These prospects are more likely to be receptive to conversations and open to exploring solutions that can enhance their performance.

Understanding Prospect Potential

The heat map feature goes beyond rankings and also offers insights into traffic and performance. By clicking on a Google business profile within the heat map, you can instantly view how that profile ranks for different keywords in various locations. This knowledge is invaluable when determining if your lead generation or SEO services can truly benefit the prospect. If a business is not ranking well for specific keywords, it indicates a lack of visibility and potential traffic. This knowledge further validates the prospect’s need for your services.

Leveraging Average Rankings

To gain a broader understanding of the competitive landscape, take a look at the averages section in the heat map results. By analyzing the average rankings across different areas, you can identify dominant players, businesses struggling to rank, and those in the middle range. The middle-range businesses often represent the most promising prospects, as they have a taste of success but have not yet reached their full potential. They are hungry for growth and receptive to solutions that can help them thrive.

Lead Snap’s heat map feature is a game-changer for prospecting and uncovering valuable insights about your target market. By conducting thorough heat map searches and analyzing the results, marketers can identify prospects with growth potential and tailor their strategies accordingly. The ability to assess rankings, competition, and performance at a granular level enables more targeted and effective outreach efforts. So, embrace the power of Lead Snap’s heat map feature, start prospecting, and watch your business soar to new heights.

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

Geoff Breitling: If you want to build or scale a 7 figure SEO agency, you should watch this short video