7 Figure SEO

Richard Baxter (Founder Of Builtvisible)

CEO of Builtvisible

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Having founded Builtvisible in 2009 and grown the agency from a one-man-band to a globally-renowned powerhouse in all things search, he stepped aside in June 2016 to let his management team take over, culminating in a management buy-out in 2019. As well as remaining a significant shareholder in the business and holding a non-Executive role on the Builtvisible board, Richard acts in an advisory capacity to numerous online start-ups, helping organisations accelerate their early-stage growth through aggressive search and content marketing strategies.

“One of the most impactful ways to improve the traffic driving potential of your website, especially in its long tail, is to improve your site architecture.”

“ROI on organic digital marketing spend is king, and it’s a metric all agencies should hang their hats on.”

“The right content marketing strategy, empathetic to the needs of potential customers, can drive highly targeted traffic into the awareness and consideration stages of the funnel, and make sure the right pages are visible when the customer’s intent screams: “I’m ready to buy”.”

“Great site architecture is all about helping users and search engines find their way around your site.”

“Marketing teams have an opportunity to exploit the power of organic traffic growth from ‘free’ channels including search engines through SEO, referrals from 3rd party links using promotional tactics, PR and outreach, content marketing and social media.”

“Many organisations still have not reached full maturity in their organic marketing capacity, which means there’s an opportunity on the table for global competition.”

“Every good SEO needs tools!”

“Words are meaningless without action. Action is delivery, and delivery dictates the outcome.”

“One of the hardest problems most site owners face is keeping an eye on all the little details.”

“Mainstream SEO changed from being very technical to very content marketing orientated.”

“Good SEO takes experience, a keen interest and a sixth sense to get right. That’s because all sites are different.”

“When your goal is to attract new followers, fans, links, and garner shares in their thousands, you need to do something pretty exciting to attract attention to yourself.”

“We’re living in a world where slowly, but surely, the services we’re surrounded by are adopting more and more features driven by machine learning systems.”

“Link acquisition deployed carefully is still an important tactic to boost the individual ranking performance of pages in organic search. “

“The trick for a really effective campaign is knowing how to make each item of content more appropriate for the channel it’s destined for”

“For now, link building is definitely part of the SEO process. It’s just that separating “content marketing” from SEO opens up a broad horizon of business goals. And, it makes choosing them, measuring them and applying attribution well so much easier.”

“If you’re a content marketer then it’s important to put time into researching and understanding what content ideas propagate on the web.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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