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Roger Montti (Independent Search Marketing Consultant)


TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

Roger Montti consults for businesses worldwide, from Fortune 500 software and B2B companies to medium-sized B2C businesses on issues related to link building, site reviews, and Internet Marketing strategies. Mr. Montti has become widely acknowledged as a leading thinker in the search optimization industry.

“Trending topics are great because they tap into what’s on the public’s mind at that moment in time and get an immediate boost, particularly in Google Discover.”

“Explore the different Google Trends menus and options and discover seemingly endless ways to gain more keyword search volume insights.”

“There are many reasons why search trends go down. It can be that people lost interest, that the interest went somewhere else or that the trend is obsolete.”

“Some people understandably prefer to wait before updating a plugin in case there’s a major error and that’s not a bad strategy.”

“There is value in using structured data for images on the webpage.”

“It’s a good practice to give meaningful filenames to images because it makes it easier for organization purposes to be able to see the image filename and know what it’s about.”

“Image filenames that are descriptive are helpful from an Image Search standpoint.”

“Distinguish between whether an image truly is decorative or whether it’s conceptual and contributes to the meaning of the content, in which case, the challenge is how to communicate a conceptual image.”

“Whether you already have a podcast or are interested in starting one, it’s critical to understand best practices for optimizing podcast episodes for search.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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