7 Figure SEO

Sean Si (Owner And Founder Of SEO Hacker)

CEO of SEO Hacker

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

Sean Si is a serial entrepreneur who has founded 4 companies namely: SEO Hacker , Qeryz , Sigil Digital Marketing and WorkPlays. All four companies were founded before Sean turned 29 years old. His prowess in systems, solutions and leadership has piqued the attention of numerous business owners and executives who are working with him to improve their own teams and processes.

“ People who don’t know the good and bad side of SEO think that it’s all the same banana and they could simply hire the cheapest provider with the most promises. While this is a sad truth that’s happening today, we can do something about it “

“ If you can’t attract customers and build a following, then you can make use of a partnership between you and an influencer that already has a massive following “

“ I’ve always been big on creating evergreen content that will bring 10x value to my readers. It’s simply one of, if not the most, awesome strategy available to an SEO specialist like me. Create 10x content – whether Skyscraped or not, optimize it like hell for my target keywords, publish it, then promote it on my social channels and network of influence “

“ To start with, your content has to be “promote-worthy” so that’s the foundation “

Whenever I write “Promote like hell” I really mean it. And that means reaching out to influencers, using automated tools to schedule your blog posts or even using tools like Blog pros to help you amplify your social shares.”

“A great SEO strategy involves well-written and searchable content. From your landing pages, blog posts, or even your ‘thank you’ pages, all those pages need copywriting that is on point.”

“As an SEO copywriter, your main goal is to give solutions or answers to users searching on the web, that’s why your content should be suited to the intent of your keywords. So that whenever users search for it, you will be seen as the most value-giving website and crush the rankings in the search engine results page (SERPs.)”

“Creating and optimizing your content for SEO is a reliable strategy to drive more website traffic. As you do so, you can also have more websites linking to your content as it provides valuable information to their visitors.”

“When you utilize keywords in well-written and optimized content, ranking for them won’t be as challenging.”

“When it comes to content, you don’t want to talk about the same things repeatedly. There’s also a risk for your keywords to self-cannibalize when you do this. “

“SEO is a data-driven practice, so it would be beneficial to make the platform more accessible to businesses and SEO experts worldwide.”

“Knowing how to optimize your content for SEO is a good skill to develop as a marketer.”

“Quality content is an important ranking factor in SEO since relevance and usefulness are things that Google rewards you for.”

“There will hardly be any problems that you will receive in any other facet of your business than in the areas where employees are directly involved. This is true for any business, anywhere in the world.”

“if people trust their leaders and know that changes and memos are made with the best intentions for the best of the company/whole organization then they will be able to move forward with the change.”Mistakes are inevitable. Failure is a part of success – they go hand-in-hand. If this is the case and there is little trust and faith, then gossip is inevitable. However if there is trust and people have faith in the leadership and vice versa, then people in the organization will be more forgiving of each other and know that each individual has the best intentions at heart for the whole.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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