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Shama Hyder (Visionary Strategist For The Digital Age)


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Shama Hyder is a visionary strategist for the digital age, a web and TV personality, a bestselling author, and the award-winning CEO of Zen Media – a global marketing and digital PR firm. She has been named the “Zen Master of Marketing” by Entrepreneur Magazine and the “Millennial Master of the Universe” by FastCompany.com. Shama has also been honoured at both the White House and The United Nations as one of the top 100 young entrepreneurs in the country.

“To really succeed in business, leaders must operate with a balance of thoughtful, innovative, proactive action and a simultaneous que sera sera spirit. “

“The #1 reason people use social media is not to connect with friends and family, or to have a sense of community—people use social media to showcase their own identity. So what does that mean for your business? It means that customers aren’t just buying your product or service, they’re buying a statement about themselves.”

“If you want to win the digital sales game, focus on ETC: education, transparency, and choices.”

“Resilient business leaders rely on technology, data, and predictive tools to guide their preparation for the future. They understand that they are leading in a time of rapid transformation.”

“The digital age means best practices change overnight, sometimes within hours, and consumer attention is hard to secure but necessary for success.”

“The immediacy of the internet has changed consumer spending habits, creating a whenever-we-want mentality for purchasing products and services, whether in-store or online. But our economic environment is constantly evolving, and leaders must adapt to understand and meet consumer needs.”

“Seeking out practical, flexible technology is a key component of a resilient leader’s identity in the modern business landscape because it means they have their finger on the pulse of the tech that serves business needs.”

“So many people mistakenly believe that when it comes to social media it’s creator or bust. But you can curate expert information that your audience will find valuable and that’s just as powerful.”

“Digital marketing isn’t always about creating advertisements, and it is just as important to drive sales through organic social media strategies. Organic social media marketing includes all content pieces that are not paid promotions. Marketers can engage with a brand’s followers by posting consistently and creatively without spending a dime.”

“To successfully keep followers engaged, marketers should mix up the different content pieces that are posted. Whether it is a fun TikTok dance or an Employee of the Week series on Instagram, organic social media is most successful when it feels authentic. The consumer’s values and interests should be the focus.”

“In this fast-paced digital age where people are the media, and connected consumers have access to an abundance of information at any given time, constructing a positive impression of your company prior to the sale is vital.”

“Consistency trumps everything, and what I mean by that is, social media, market, all of these things in the digital ecosystem that we live in, it can’t be a one-shot thing.  It really does have to be something that is consistently done over time.  So even if you pick one tactic, email marketing or whatever, you want to make sure that you’re doing it consistently”

“Pay attention to your analytics. Agility through analytics will help you become more effective, efficient, and profitable.”

“Video content is looming large, and it’s not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. Leveraging video content to connect with customers, land referrals, and close deals is a terrific way to ensure you get the most out of digital sales.”

“Without trust, your brand doesn’t stand a chance. That’s why, especially in today’s digital world, it is essential for brands to “walk their talk”—to not only profess strong values but to demonstrably live them out.”

“Gen Z came of age with targeting, AI, and big data, and Gen Zers expect brands to know that they’re not like every other customer.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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