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Simon Cox (Technical SEO Consultant)


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Simon Cox is a freelance Technical SEO consultant based in Lingfield in the UK. He specializes in SEO but also designs and builds websites to web standards for clients. He spent many years as a webmaster and managing an SEO team for a global financial corporation. 

“One of the biggest prob­lems with web­sites is the qual­i­ty of its con­tent as it is so diverse from site to site.”

“Page qual­i­ty rat­ings depend on the intent and pur­pose of the con­tent.”

“A lot of sites will have dupli­cat­ed ele­ments such as menus and foot­ers and the thin­ner the main con­tent on the page the more the com­mon con­tent will be a fac­tor — anoth­er rea­son not to have thin pages!”

“The bet­ter your site is bal­anced with top­ics the stronger it will be in the SERPs which should mean more traf­fic!”

“With­out con­text, any algo­rithm will strug­gle to pro­vide a use­ful answer.”

“A fast page is going to make the vis­i­tor much more hap­py than a slow load­ing page.”

“Badly planned site migrations can lead to significant reductions in site visitor numbers and nobody wants that!”

“Great informative content with the right longtail phrases for your market will bring in traffic.”

“Brand recognition is just as important as rankings and time should be spent building your brand as well.”

“What if you are a small local company setting out and don’t have the budgets of the multinational competitors in your space? Well, think local!”

“The only way to see where Google is really heading and what they’re thinking is to feel out the SERP in a thematic sort of way.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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