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Stacey MacNaught (Director At Manchester-Based Agency Tecmark)


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Stacey MacNaught is a digital marketing professional based in the U.K. A director at Manchester-based agency Tecmark, MacNaught has also enjoyed speaking engagements at numerous events, including MozCon, SearchLove London, and BrightonSEO. With a background in copywriting, she is also a keen blogger and features writer.

“It’s all about the story. Great content is less about bells and whistles or graphics and more about the story at the centre of it.”

“When you’re budget restricted, put your time into planning, story and promotion and cut costs on design and development.”

“Something going viral on social will lead to people heading to search to look for it. In other words, social can increase search demand.”

“Search and social work in conjunction to help increase demand, generate sales and convince prospective customers of your reputation.”

“Determination and persistence are really important in SEO.”

“For all its technical elements, creative content and keyword research, SEO ultimately comes down to a return on investment.”

“It’s all about goals. Whatever the type of content, whatever the format and whoever the audience, it all comes down to goals.”

“Get yourself a website and test your own theories. Getting hands on is the best way to really put what you’ve learnt into practice and the single most effective way of truly understanding something.”

Burnout is a real thing. Taking the time, even if it means moving some tasks around, don’t sacrifice time to yourself or time to do something you just love.”

“Unless you’re a major brand or publisher and have people just waiting for your content, then promotion is absolutely key.”

“Boring niches are often not as boring as we think they are. Boring industries are normally considered so because the product or service is something people have to have rather than want to have.”

“We can get more out of our organic traffic than revenue. We can get links, when we create great content. We can drive awareness.”

“Always review your strategy. Look for new opportunities constantly.”

7 Figure SEO

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