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Stephan Bajaio (Chief Evangelist And Co-founder Of Conductor)


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Stephan is the Chief Evangelist and Co-founder of Conductor, a search and content intelligence platform that helps marketers create and optimize content to improve visibility online. Stephan is an in-demand speaker, podcaster, and SEO expert. 

“A good SEO is one thing, a great SEO is another. A good SEO can have all the answers, but none of them get fulfilled. A great SEO gets some of their stuff fulfilled, but when they ask for them, it tends to always be fulfilled.”

“To be successful in organic marketing, you must become an internal marketer — the educator; the one to empower, break siloes, and drive the engine of unity.”

“In a digital marketplace, speed and efficiency win.”

“Today’s business climate demands an organic marketing practice — and organic doesn’t mean just SEO.”

“Everyone starts somewhere, and the most important thing is understanding the value of operational maturity.”

“Technology is the common language in a digital marketplace and, increasingly, in the workplace.”

“We can talk about code, we can talk about the technical side of SEO, and so forth. But the intention is to make content show up in meaningful ways in the terms and ways in which people are looking for things.”

“Content is the derivative. But you need intent.”

“Frame your motivation and understand what it is that makes you want to do what you do. Understand what others do and why they do it. Align those things so that you can have common shared goals that people can bring their passion to. And when you do that, you’re literally unstoppable. There is no algorithm, there is no code, there is no content. There is no competitor that can beat that. Make that a reality and you’ll succeed no matter what.”

“Your online presence says a lot about your brand and often serves as the only way for you to showcase your brand voice to potential customers.”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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