7 Figure SEO

Steven van Vessum (Co-founder And VP Of Community At ContentKing) Copy


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Steven van Vessum is VP of Community at ContentKing, a real-time SEO application that continuously audits your website for issues and changes. ContentKing is mostly used by enterprise companies such as British Telecom/EE and TNT/FedEx.

“Search engines will never buy from you. Users will, so focus on users. Make sure they leave your site with a smile.”

“Ditch your bad habits and invest time into understanding what makes people tick and how to get them to link to you.”

“As an SEO expert, it is vital that you keep trying new things – to build tools yourself, to push yourself to do better, and to improve your processes.”

“Don’t hold on to something when you know there’s a better alternative out there. Don’t get too attached; always be ready to move on. Keep your eyes on the prize: providing the best service you can.”

“Agency life is busy, chaotic, and thrilling. It’s dangerously easy to get distracted.”

“Creating quality content starts with figuring out what problems your audience is looking to solve.”

“Keeping a watchful eye on existing content and creating links from it to new pieces, fixing broken links, correcting links to redirecting pages within your site, and tweaking titles help drive more organic traffic.”

“It’s not your job to create A+ content that no one reads. It’s your job to balance creation and promoting it.”

“If you’re having a hard time outranking your competitors, smart image SEO is a clever way to outflank them.”

“Smaller brands have everything to gain, can run daring campaigns and can execute much faster than bigger brands because there’s nothing holding them back.”

“When you find low-competition topics that you can rank for, make sure your content is the best out there.”

“Find markets that are accessible to you where the competition doesn’t have a strong presence and test the waters. If you see potential, invest more and take it from there.”

7 Figure SEO

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