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Terry Van Horne (Director Of SEO Dojo Radio)


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Terry is Director Of SEO Dojo Radio and co-hosts 2 hour long podcasts “Search Geeks Speak,” an hour with luminaries and up-and-comers in Search Engine Marketing as well as “The Regulators,” an hour of Industry News. Terry founded SeoPros.org, the first consumer advocacy organization for purchasers of search engine optimization and is currently a Director of the NFP organization OSEOP that grew out of it.

“Make your site search engine friendly with an optimized architecture and easy-to-understand navigation, and you’ll have happy users and enthusiastic crawlers.”

“Building links into a poorly-optimized site is pouring link equity down the drain, and often means that link equity isn’t passed correctly down the link hierarchy.”

“Keyword research and development of personas are keys to SEO Copywriting success in an age where Google is really developing its ability to know who you are and your status in your community.”

“There is definitely a trend away from link text/authority to more on-site relevance and personalization of authors and internet users. “

“ Concentrate on writing a good copy because good copywriting naturally uses primary and derivative keywords which make the copy more understandable/readable and RELEVANT – because in the end “Google does not buy anything! Their users do!!” Please the users and you please “the Google”. “

“I don’t read many blogs as I would rather filter info through the community I’m hanging in. I see what’s worth reading or worse, what people need to be protected from.”

“ Think about it. This is SEO 101! If it is not indexable, it can’t affect rank. Correlation is not causation! ”

“ Most of Twitter is not indexable! Large portions of Facebook – same deal. Even Google + is limited by privacy settings. “

“ IMO, Social is about verifying other signals like links and general promotion with buzz and legitimate engagement. For instance, an increase in the velocity of link acquisition should be accompanied by increased “mentions” and other Social buzz.”

“ We found the easiest way to move video up the rankings was to accompany it with social activity. It is even more important for press releases and other more temporal searches, such as for events.”

“Google is trying hard to complete the circle between G+ profiles and anywhere they are found, so if a site is not using the author tag they are vulnerable to someone commenting and including a link to a Google profile. “

“ Another way is if an author links to a G+ post. To some extent Google is forcing the use of the tag by making those not using it a target for highjacking authorship. “

“ In other words, if someone is plugged into the mothership they see their friends and those they follow. Beyond that, author tags are only suitable for use in a very limited way. “

“ People don’t talk about these anymore but when a SE “refreshes” the index it’s a big deal. A core update IMO is a refresh so G start crawling all pages in advance and when they start indexing those it is the rollout of the core update. “

“The best SEO copywriting doesn’t look SEO’ed at all!”

TRENDING: The All-In-One Digital Marketing Software

7 Figure SEO

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