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Viola Eva (Founder And Lead SEO For Flow SEO)

founder of Flow SEO

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Viola Eva is a world-renowned SEO strategist, with regular appearances at SEO and business conferences, from Berlin to Las Vegas. As the founder and lead SEO for Flow SEO, she is working with software startups to scale their organic traffic. 

“At the core, SEO is still very much about content and links since Google is still a text-based crawler.”

“SEO is too complex for box-ticking exercises. It’s about understanding and satisfying your audience’s needs.”

“Ranking for keywords with little or no traffic potential is pointless because they won’t send any meaningful organic traffic your way—even if you rank for them.”

“Google ranks websites based on the accuracy and quality of search intent answers. If your content offers the best solution to a search query, your website will rank on the first page of Google’s search results.”

“Rinse and repeat the process with other competitors until you have written down a list of potential opportunities.”

“The easiest way to judge traffic potential is to see how much search traffic the current top-ranking landing page for the keyword gets.”

“There’s no point in targeting a keyword if it’s going to be virtually impossible to rank for in the short-to-medium term. You will be stuck on Page 4 forever and burn through your SEO resources.”

“SEO takes time to root, but it always delivers, so just be patient, persistent, and keep updating your posts!”

“Keywords are essential when it comes to SEO. However, it is not enough just to do thorough keyword research. You also need to place them at the optimal positions.”

“SEO today is strategic and creative. And there are a million different ways to rank!”

“Content marketing for startups requires a focused, flexible strategy and a clever implementation.”

“Good content marketing makes it so that you are top of mind when a potential customer starts their buying cycle.”

“Optimizing to win featured snippets is not an exact science, but art in and of itself.”

“A key strength of SEO lies in your ability to analyze and play to the advantage of the full search result page.”

“If you are looking for more flow in your work life, start setting appointments with yourself. Make them recurring.”

7 Figure SEO

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